Saturday, 9 November 2013

Im officially a Fandom In Stitches Designer! Sqeeee

For those of you who follow me on facebook and twitter this will not be news because Ive been soo super excited about it all day... :)

Today I was officially published on Fandom In Stitches with my first ever PDF Paper Piece Pattern!!!!! This is incredibly exciting for me bcos I have been a HUGE fan of FandomInStitches ever since I found them in Jan 2013. 

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For some bizarre unknown reason in the UK Paper Piecing as a technique is like a massive secret in terms of all things quilty and crafty... which is mental bcos its AWESOME! Its also known as Foundation Piecing and is very very different to English Paper Piecing which is to do with hexis etc.

Having been introduced to it I very quickly fell in love with the technique, and Im super greatful to the Fandom In Stitches designers bcos they share their patterns for Free! Ive sewn some incredible patterns from the site! Heres my Flickr Paper Pieced pics and have a gander at the Fandom Flickr Group! Seriously AWESOME right....!

So whats Paper Piecing??? 
Well basically speaking its a technique which involves sewing pieces of fabric onto paper... its great fun and it looks complicated but I promise you its SOOOOPER easy, esp as its all straight lines!

I learned how to do it from YouTube. This video was the one I used but you can google Paper Piecing or Foundation Piecing to find the video that makes the most sense to you :)
Karen Johnson, of Connecting Threads, teaches you the most common version of Foundation Piecing - usually known as Paper Piecing. Achieve perfect points on tiny blocks with just a few easy tips.

Tools required
Paper and a printer - bog std printer paper works fine!
Rotary Cutter 
Self Healing Cutting Mat
Card - and old greeting card is perfect
Ruler - add a quarter rulers are expensive here in the uk I just use a normal school plastic ruler!
Quilting Ruler - is very useful for trimming seam allowances bfor you piece your crazy jigsaw at the end 

So you want to know what I mean by sewing onto Paper?  

 This is what my Ice King Pattern looks like when its printed out and cut ready to go :) And very basically you sew the fabric onto the paper folding it out as you go following the numbered pieces :) Its fantastically fun and the best bit is you dont have to precut any of the pieces :) 

 So heres some of the pieces as I went along... You can see Ice Kings features starting to take shape :) The paper is on the back of the fabric :)
 And this is the stage of sewing where all of your peices are sewn... I call it the crazy jigsaw stage :)
 Then you start to sew the pieces together...
And you end up with TA DA!
Lets all sing the Princess song in celebration :)

Watch this space for more Patterns to come! Princess Bubblegum will be my next pattern :) Shes all tested and ready :) Id love to know what else you would like to see :)


  1. Well done for getting your pattern published! :-)
    I keep meaning to try this technique, have seen some great patterns for it. Love the sound of not having to precut fabric too! I'll have to find some beginner friendly patterns.

  2. Thanks so much for commenting rose :) I love to paper piece soooo much :) il find you a simple pattern if you like? A cat perhaps?

  3. Just popped by to check out the new look. xx

  4. Great pattern! Congratulations onhaving it included over at Fandom in Stitches! Very exciting!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Kristy :) I'm a huge fan of your pp designs :) I've sewn your r2d2 and have done 4 out of the 9 bom patterns. Your one of the reasons I love to paper piece so thanks ever so much!

  5. Wow you really are good really love it xx

  6. WOW!!! I'm a Fandom fan and our whole family watches/reads/draws/quotes Adventure Time together so this paper piecing is totally perfect! Suggestions? How about BMO? Or an extreme close up of Gunter, or Fin's demon sword, or a dungeon to do a dungeon crawl in? Characters? How about LSP, or the Lemon Grabs, or Fin and Jake or that creepy snail or, or, or.....I could go on and on :) If you need more ideas just let me know. What you have done so far is very true to the original drawings it makes me excited to see what you choose to design next (and yes I have seen PB - well done there too!).

  7. RonnieBGoode likes yo stuff! 😍