Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Im back to blogging :)

Well hello there reader... and how the devil are you?

Its been a while hasnt it... hope you arent covered in cobwebs and dust :) My blog had a spring clean yesterday, I wont lie there was swearing... Somehow the spiders of the interwebs ate all my pics on both my blogs and then I couldnt for the life of me work out how to change certain things so please bear with me im rusty at this!

So why am I back blogging... ? Well theres a few reasons.

stitching not itching
pattern from fandominstitches
1. Ive just come back from a break from crafting (altho I did a lot of cross stitch) due to a mystery illness that decided to pop along and make things a bit more interesting/blistery. Im still in the process of being diagnosed but its some sort of very rare auto immune disease that affects my skin... Rare = Special so il run with special, I tend not to do things by halves LOL. (At some point Il fill you in a little more about all of that but not atm :) So anyhoo as a result of my long mystery ilness craft break I am not doing any orders this christmas which means I can sew purely for the LOVE of it. This also gives me loads of extra time to do exciting other things :)

 2. Ive been designing, actual designing from scratch. I have now been crafting for about two and a half years, and a lot of that has been dipping my toe in as many craft ponds as I could find... testing the water, finding out as much as I could about all the weird and wonderful things in the world of craft...During my toe dipping a lovely friend introduced me to Paper Peicing aka Foundation Piecing and I fell head over heals in love with it. On Sunday last week I designed my first ever block... Im hoping to make it a free download, so I need my blog revived :) More about this in a seperate post :)
R2D2 designed by kristy http://quietplay.blogspot.co.uk/
3. Twitter... is another revived addiction. I have had a twitter account for a while but I rarely used it. I have got back into it in a big way in the last few weeks. On tuesday last week I joined in on a fabulous hashtag chat called #craftblogclub which is run by the lovely @LivePeachy she blogged about it here Life Is Peachy #craftblogclub blogpost and even gave me a mention bcos I am a craft book hoarder :) The best thing about hashtags chats is that you get to 'meet' a whole load of new people who love to craft :) Getting involved in the chat made me think about my blog and how unloved it was.. hence the spring clean... Im going to do my best to keep it updated at least once every couple of weeks from now on!
My craft book stash... yes I hoard....

Soo here we are, if you wanna know a little bit more about what Ive been making in the last two and half years your best bet is probably to head over for a goosey gander at my Pinterest board of the things Ive been making Things Ive Made

Thanks so much for nipping by! ps come wave at me on twitter :) @BeekneeHoonies